And 30% more in the field


Simply take your smartphone (here an iPhone) and you can already eliminate all your paper work. Why spending more time with your pencil, when you know that you will have to spend extra time to insert the collected data back in the office? Make you own calculation and see if it is worth to think about changing. If you do not know how to start, review your workflow when you do it on  paper. Then write the whole process, really take it from the beginning till the end. You may include the cost of the paper and the pencil and the time to order or to find it back. smiley
The nice thing is that you can also take a tablet, not necessarily an iPad or iPhone. For more rugged devices you’ll have to see for a Windows supported device. The nice thing, is that the Mobileforms app, works on different OS and tablets. So let your form decide. (bluefields/mobileforms)


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