Windows and wireless barcode scanning

BARACODA : a valuable solution when scanning wireless under Windows 7 pro / Win 8.1 pro



The company Baracoda (F) integrated the group Ingenico, better known for its payment terminal and eletronic payments with Ogone.

Baracoda brings on the market wireless barcode scanners for professional use. Looking at the units we can not say that they look great. But, on the other hand, the technology and functionalities are great. In fact, having tested these units on Windows 7Pro and 8.1Pro, we must bow and give respect.

For those who have worked with full Windows PC and Blue tooth (BT) scanners know that it is not that easy to get connection and to keep it. (Connection with Android and iOS seems always to be easier and straightforward.)
Baracoda did it quite well with the Baracoda Desktop Manager. A great tool that takes care of pairing and keeping it: grab one of their scanner, activate the unit and wait. After a few seconds (no more), you get the beep as pairing succeeds. And yes, again, you are working with a Windows PC.

The Baracoda Manager gives you full control (if you want to do more) in managing all devices (up to 7 per PC). But for simple keyboard wedge application, you’ll be in heaven. You don’t even need any IT guy to get things done.

For those who do not have or want to use the internal Blue tooth of their PC, they offer a USB-dongle, making it even simpler as no software installation needed.

Baracoda supports Windows, Android and iOS.

Baracoda used to be the company designing the scanners and become Ingenico Healthcare e-ID after being integrated into the group. But the name can be misleading while the products are truly rugged and designed for professional use in harsh environment (mobile outdoor and logistics)


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