Studio Prime : manage your projects and sessions


With each Bluebeam Revu edition you receive the great tool ‘Studio’ .

Studio is  : a collaboration tool ‘ Session’ and a cloud storage ‘Project’. As individual you were able to manage alle your files in Projects and create sessions. Studio prime

With the new product Studio Prime we give an answer for Enterprises where multiple projects are continuously open. Project at their level concerns multiple people intern and external (subcontractors, customers, advisors,…). System Administration where waiting for a conveiniant tool in order to manage this efficiently. Studio Prime is the solution.

What they say :

Studio Prime includes all the powerful collaboration features of Bluebeam Studio, with the additional ability for administrators to globally control user access to managed Projects and Sessions, as well as the ability to download in-depth reports documenting all Projects and Sessions activity. Studio Prime also provides access to the Bluebeam Studio API, which supports integrations with third-party systems

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