at Ciret Benelux, sales team goes mobile


The company Ciret Benelux, a daugther branch of Storch-Ciret Group, delivers tools for the painter and plastered, aswell for the professional as for the do-it-yourselfers.

Situation : A sales team visits on a regular basis stores and professionals to collect orders. Until know this was done on paper. And this can be a lot of order lines. When back in the office the orders were processed manually in the existing ERP.

Ciret wanted to improve this process by digitizing this workflow starting at the customer site, where  orders are collected. The goal was to eliminate the paper flow, accelarate the processing of these orders and give immediate feedback to the customer.  We came out with our mobile solution Mobileforms installed on the  rugged mobile PDA with integrated barcode scanner from Motorola solutions (know Zebra). This device offers physical keypaths instead of a full touch screen. This was required for the user, who prefer the feeling of real keys.

The solution works anytime, anywhere. It works offline and does not depend on the network quality and variable bandwith. We made it possible that the sales team has the total article list and customer list loaded on his PDA. Having a long article and customer list, this means a lot of info that the device must process per order. The advantage is working standalone and being able to work anywhere, anytime, this without any delay due to poor network quality. The sales team can scan (barcode) or type an article and he gets all the needed info (article, description, quantity per packaging) , he just has to fill the quantity the customer wants to order. An extra control is immedtialy done on the quantity based on the packaging quantity. When the order is collected the sales man can decide to sync manually (can be automated is required). We manage to interface with their exiting ERP so that after sync the orders are immediatly loaded. Also we this interface we can upload the newest article and customer list.

At the end, the paper flow has disappeared, the orders are processed immedialty in the ERP, no error when the orders are transcripted manually, better stock and delivery management.

And as top of the bill, thanks to our concept of mobile solutions,  the investment was significant less than normally offered in the market.

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