Is the PDF revolution advancing BIM workflows?

Or how to brigde the gap between the BIM world and the paper world. (from Building Desing + Construction)

One off wins are good but are we really going to gain mass adoption and increase BIM literacy if we can’t consistently recreate positive results? Many project teams who struggle to get everyone up to speed with BIM, find PDFs a useful tool to bridge the gap between the BIM world and the paper world. Yet, our national CAD standards and even our BIM standards don’t address the creation parameters for PDFs, one of the most widely used file formats within the industry today. The Construction PDF Coalition, a grassroots, multidisciplinary effort, created a set of guidelines aimed at giving project teams a framework to standardize the creation of smarter PDFs.  It’s these smarter PDFs, 2D and 3D which are enabling digital workflows and allowing teams to replicate success project to project.   – See more at:

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