How Bluebeam plays a role at the construction site of AZ St Maartens


The company MBG (part of the CFE Vlaanderen group) is the main contractor for building the hospital AZ St Maartens in Mechelen-Belgium.

To help the project leaders in handling large drawings, Bluefields Belgium, delivers the software Bluebeam Revu. Revu allows to markup and measure PDF drawings digitally on a PDF. No plotting is needed. No paper waste, and your drawings note’s are always up to date. MBG also uses BIM (Revit), but at the construction site, when we are talking operational with workers,Revit comes out not to be the most handy tool. So MBG exports drawings as a PDF and use these in Revu. Revu offers many powerful features, but is very accessible and intuitive to use. This is because the product has been tought as the next step when moving from paper-based work to digital. No high level training is required to start with. The most common tools you use on a paper based level are in front of you ready to be used.

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Therefor during site meetings with the workers they decided to even improve the communication by installing Revu not only on the individual PC of the project leaders but also to install a large 65” ( 165 cm) touch screen. While the project leader explains the aspects of the day to the workers and by using the digital pen, they can watch easily the drawing on the screen, When needed a simple zoom with 2 fingers will show in details exactly what is about. Try to do this on a printed drawing with many people around. They all should have to come closer to see that specific detail.

Finally, for MBG they not only safe a lot of time and cost, but improve tremendous the communication with the workers on site. And that is essential to get the job done right.


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