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New User Interface (UI)
The intuitive interface and simple navigation in Revu® 2018 is designed to put all the right tools right at your fingertips. Updated icons and UI styles enhance legibility and recognition. User experiences have evolved to reduce clicks, maximize screen real estate for documents and help users find valuable features more easily.

Menu Dropdowns
The new menu dropdowns create fewer clicks on average and make it easier to find features. The new menus are also more streamlined to save more screen real estate.

Panels are exposed on the side rather than tabs within panels. Panels are immediately discoverable and accessible without resizing elements of the UI, which disrupts visibility and flow. A single click on icons to open and close also allow for faster navigation.
Panels are also updated to include title dropdowns that allow users to easily identify which panels are open while providing relevant tools in the dropdown menu. This provides a simplified user experience when users interact with panels.

Properties Toolbar
A new toolbar that responds to user action by providing contextually appropriate information and controls, maximizing efficiency by automatically presenting the right tools at the right time. As different tools or markups are selected, users will be presented with a dynamic toolbar that provides immediate access to the most relevant and frequently used controls. Save more screen real estate by reducing the amount of workflow dependent toolbars, such as Font and Line Style, while simplifying workflows.
More than 40 unique configurations, including:
Document Properties
Markup Properties
Measurement Properties
Studio Project Tab Properties
Studio Project Document Properties
Studio Session Properties

Studio Projects
The redesigned Studio Projects integration features an updated tabbed interface, making navigation simple and intuitive. The Studio panel remains focused on the list of available Projects and Sessions and now provides access to multiple Studio Projects simultaneously.
Key Updates:

Studio Projects Tab
Users now have a separate Navigation panel with a dashboard that displays Project files and folders. The increased workspace makes working with large numbers of files and folders much easier. Users can easily navigate their panels using the breadcrumbs or the Navigation panel.
Quick Actions
Elevated visibility for common actions (such as upload files, upload folder, check in/out) makes the process of file management easy to learn and consistent at all stages of the Project.
Thumbnails and List View
Users can view their Projects in Thumbnails or List view. List view offers different sort options based on available information. File icons have also been updated to differentiate file types.
Access Multiple Projects
With the new tabbed interface, users can work in multiple Projects at once, improving efficiency in any projects that require accessing information from different Projects. This also allows users to easily hyperlink between different Project files for improved navigation between Project files.
Split-View and Show Files
Users can use the Split-View functionality to view the Navigation panel and Project files side by side in a split view and use the Show Files functionality to display files in the Navigation panel. This new Split-View option makes opening multiple files a more seamless experience, allowing users constant access to the Navigation panel while viewing their documents.
Users can also use the Expand to Dashboard functionality for a simpler interface when using Split-View functionality.
Projects now support drag and drop with background uploading for folders and files, making it easier to manage Project files. Users can now continue working in Revu without having to wait for files to finish uploading.
Offline PIN
A PIN can be created to provide access to local Studio files when there is no internet connection available to sign in to Studio. To set up Offline PIN access, first sign in to Studio and then select “Offline Access” from Revu Preferences for Studio.

Studio Sessions
The Sessions list in the Studio panel has been updated with new icon statuses to provide a visual indicator for soon to expire, expired and inactive Sessions.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

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