How to import layers from a drawing into another drawing with Bluebeam Revu?

Situation : you worked on a drawing with Revu, added your own markup layers to it. Then you receive a  new PDF, a revision with its layers coming from a CAD. Consider that you want to get those layers added to you first drawing. How to proceed?

In order to get the layers from drawing 1 into drawing 2 (Revision), what you have to do in Revu 2018 is:
– Open the drawing 1 document
– Click ATL+T to go to the Thumbnails display on your screen.
– Then right-click the thumbnail from the drawing 1 and choose Insert Pages.
– On the Insert Pages dialog screen, click the Add button to add the drawing 2 (Rev).
– Click checkbox, “Merge Layers” in order to merge the layers from drawing 2 into drawing 1.
– Then press Ok to accept



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