Top Issues Fixed In Bluebeam® Revu® 2018.3

Top Issues Fixed In Bluebeam® Revu® 2018.3  NEW


  • Fixed the issue of pending markups failing to upload to Studio Sessions (including failures causing Revu to crash or hang).
  • This is usually characterized by a number of markups stuck in the Session “Pending” tab.
  • Improved user experience providing better notification of markup upload status.
  • Addressed issues related to intermittent, unexpected disconnections while working in Studio Sessions.
  • Fixed the issue of having some Cloud+ or grouped markups in a Session that do not show all expected elements of the markup.
  • Fixed the issue where a number of markup changes appear out of proper order for some attendees, but not all.
  • Fixed the issue where some Session attendees do not see all files that are expected to appear in a Session.


  • Fixed the ability to create PDFs from plug-ins
  • Fixed the issue of Revu freezing and/or crashing when creating or editing complex polygon markups.
  • Fixed the issue of Revu freezing when acquiring an Open License
  • Fixed the issue of inserting pages in Batch Slip-sheet that would break links, labels, bookmarks, etc.
  • Addressed compatibility issues with IdenTrust IGC Certificates
  • Addressed issue of Revu failing to open with a “fatal error message” when a user loses the write access to specific cache folders
For a full list of updates made in Revu 2018.3, please refer to the Release Notes page.
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