Autodesk BIM 360 Docs Integration with Studio Sessions

Autodesk BIM 360 Docs Integration with Studio Sessions

 What does the integration do?

 This integration, built by Autodesk, lets users launch Studio Sessions, add PDFs, and invite attendees—right from within BIM 360. Reviewers can then join the Studio Sessions via Bluebeam Revu to place markups, as normal. When all reviewers are finished, the host of the Studio Session can close the Session from BIM 360 to import the marked up PDFs back into BIM 360 as new revisions.

 How this is good for our customers

 Customers now have the choice to use Bluebeam Revu’s industry-leading markup tools on PDFs that are stored in BIM 360 Docs. 

 The integration saves time, clicks, and accidentally lost files by allowing users to seamlessly roundtrip PDFs between BIM 360 and Studio Sessions.

 Old process: 

  • Pick PDFs in BIM 360 Docs to review 
  • Download PDFs to desktop 
  • Create Studio Session, upload PDFs, invite attendees 
  • Review and place markups in the Session 
  • Finish the Session, download PDFs back to desktop 
  • Upload marked up PDFs back to BIM 360 

New process: 

  • From BIM 360 Docs interface: Create a Studio Session, pick PDFs from BIM 360 to send directly to the Studio Session, invite attendees. 
  • Review and place markups in the Session 
  • Finish the Session from BIM 360, import the marked up PDFs back into BIM 360

When will it be available?

  • Autodesk is currently making the integration available to some enterprise customers in a beta capacity 
  • They hope to make it commercially available in 2019 

How can customers use it?

Bluebeam is just one of the partners Autodesk announced integrations with recently, so this represents a positive change for customers. Integrations with Bluebeam, CMiC, Egnyte, HoloBuilder, Raken and StructionSite have been announced, along with dozens of others.

A Few Important Notes

  •  As with any other integration, an active Studio Prime subscription is required
  • Since Autodesk built the integration, they will support it



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