Revving Up Part 1: Markups = Data

Welcome to the Bluebeam Revu Accelerator Series! In this first email, let’s dive into how your markups, the Tool Chest and the Markups List work together to create data-rich PDFs.


1. Create Smart Markups:

Right-click any markup (text box, cloud, punchkey, etc.) and select Properties to add data such as subject, author or comments.

Tip: Choose colors under Properties to categorize your markups for quick identification (for example: use yellow for all electrical markups).


2. Store Smart Markups in the Tool Chest:

Right-click your customized markup and “Add to Tool Chest” so you can easily reuse that markup and its properties—a real time saver!

Tip: Click the Properties wheel in the Tool Chest panel to export tool sets and share them with your team for standardization.
Tip: Check out our premade, downloadable Tool Set Extensions.


3. Sort and Share Your Data with the Markups List:

You’ll find the Markups List, a running report of all markups in the document, under the blue tab at the bottom of the interface.Tip: Add custom columns by clicking the Manage Columns Properties wheel in the Markups List.
Tip: For easy reporting, select the Summary dropdown menu to export your Markups List into a CSV, XML or PDF

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