Revving Up Part 2: Custom Settings

Bluebeam Revu was built to be customized! If it’s been a while since you’ve checked out all the options available under Settings, it’s time to take another look.



The Settings icon is at the top right corner of the Command bar (if you don’t see it, double-click Help).

Tip: Show Grid and Snap to Content are great guides for markup and tool alignment when precision is key, such as snapping to walls while using Revu’s measurement tools.

Tip: You can choose Show Full-Screen Crosshair instead of your cursor, great for determining measurement coordinates when your rulers are enabled (Ctrl+R).



Settings is also where you’ll find Preferences to further customize your Revu experience. A few favorites:

Grid & Snap: Remember that grid in our first tip? Use these preferences to change the units of measurement and spacing.

Document > Remember Last Page: Takes you to where you last left off in the document, instead of starting on page one.

File Access > Items in Recent: Customizes number of recent documents available in the File Access tab. Revu’s default is 20.


Bonus Tip: Did you know that you can set Revu to presentation mode? You can find it under View, which is right next to the Settings icon. Then, head over to Settings > Preferences > Presentation > Page Transition to choose animated transitions between documents for extra presentation polish.


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