Working as a Team: Studio

Every seat of Bluebeam Revu includes Studio, our collaboration platform for working with project partners across the globe. Let’s power up your Studio experience!


Eight Great Studio Tips & Tricks

1. Sessions vs. Projects: For the option to collaborate in real time on the same documents, choose Studio Sessions. To work in a document management system (DMS) environment, where collaborators individually check out documents to make updates, choose Studio Projects.

2. Non-PDF Files: Studio Projects can store any file type, not just PDFs.

3. Sessions within Projects: If you need the DMS capabilities of Projects but the collaboration of Studio, create a Session within a Project. Right-click desired PDFs in your Project, and select Add to New Session.

4. Check Out for Changes: To make updates to a document in a Studio Project, right-click and select Check Out. Double-clicking the file will open a read-only version.

5. Inviting Non-Revu Users: Click the Invite envelope icon to the right of your Session or Project. Insert email addresses or Copy Invitation to paste the invite link into your own email. Invitees who don’t have Revu will receive a notice to download Vu, our free PDF viewer. From there, they can log in to your Session or Project.

6. List Cleanup: If your lists of Sessions and Projects are getting cluttered, you can remove them from view using Right-click > Remove From List.

7. Sorting: Sessions and Projects can be sorted by date, by ID number, or by name. To change your sort mode, click the icon across from your Sessions and Projects dropdown lists.

8. Document Access: Need to access files while on the go? Studio is a great resource to access documents from your tablet or iPad. You can view the Project files in offline mode and sync once you are connected to the internet again.

Haven’t created a Studio account? Go to Studio > Connect > Create Account. Enter your email and a password, and you’re ready to start collaborating! Want more Studio tips?

If these tips & tricks have you reviewed up and ready for more in-depth education, check out our training solutions at

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